Kaival Investments is a subsidiary of Kaival Brands Innovations (OTCQB: KAVL). It is the investment arm and dedicated platform focused solely on investor relations and acquisitions. Kaival Brands is an incubator of growing brands and new ideas, providing various services to help businesses succeed. 

Kaival Investments offers potential stakeholders stocks and shares from our business partners. By investing in our partners and us, you can grow your financial portfolio and gain a part of our incredible business profits.

Currently, Kaival Investments exclusively handles investor relations and acquisitions for Bidi Vapor and Kaival Labs, including all their current and future products.

Kaival Investments was founded and is spearheaded by Niraj Patel and Eric Mosser of Kaival Brands.

Kaival Investments is the platform for the investors of Kaival Brands.

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